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Ann Booth, Mother of Bride
Margaret Booth married Brent Moss
Tallowood Baptist Church and Lakeside Country Club

Alice Butrum, Mother of the Bride
Anne Butrum married Blake Hill
Ceremony and Reception in Ft. Worth, Texas
Christ Chapel Bible Church and Ashton Depot

Christiana McConn, Mother of the Bride
Kate McConn married Anthony Fazio
Ceremony: Holy Rosary
Tent Reception: Rienzi

Linda Gilley, Mother of the Bride
Amanda Gilley married Nidal Shaabneh
Ceremony and reception: The Club at Carlton Woods

Debbie Simon, Mother of the Bride
Christiana McConn, Mother of the Groom
Rachel Thompson married John Luke McConn
Ceremony: St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Tent Reception: Rienzi

Amanda Stecker, Bride
Amanda Stecker married Jason Ostrom
Ceremony and Reception: The Houstonian Hotel

Joan Pappas, Mother of the Bride
Sarah Pappas married Brandon Sheppard
Ceremony: Chapelwood United Methodist Church
Reception: Lakeside Country Club

Alison Landry, Mother of the Bride
Erin Landry married Steven Rife
Ceremony: St. Michael's Catholic Church
Reception: The Houstonian Hotel

Betty Worthington, Mother of the Bride
Brennan Solomon, Bride
Brennan Worthington married Mark Solomon
Ceremony: St. Theresa Catholic Church
Reception: The Houstonian Hotel

Laura Edrington, Mother of the Bride
Meredith Edrington married Zach Smith
Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church
Reception: The Junior League of Houston

Carol Kingswell-Smith, Mother of the Bride
Emily Kingswell-Smith married Mike Day
Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church
Reception: Houston Country Club

Lucinda Marinis, Mother of the Bride
Meg Marinis married Taylor Vernon
Ceremony: St. Martin's Episcopal Church
Reception: Houston Country Club

Joyce Horn, Mother of the Bride
Reid Horn married David Nelson
Ceremony: Chapelwood United Methodist Church
Reception: Houstonian Hotel

Julie Robinson, Mother of the Bride    Home: 713-572-1181
Lauren Robinson married Clay Grasso
Ceremony: St. Anne's Catholic Church
Reception: Houstonian Hotel

Mary Francis, Mother of the Bride    Home: 281-980-5824
Mary Margaret Sims, Mother of the Groom
Elaine Francis married Brandon Sims
Ceremony: Holy Rosary
Reception: Houstonian Hotel

Nancy Zimmerman, Mother of the Bride
Allison Zimmerman married Chris Wallace
Ceremony: Second Baptist Church
Reception: River Oaks Country Club

Cindy Bedient, Mother of the Bride    Home: 281-491-3911
Courtney Bedient married Tyler Ray
Ceremony: Westminster United Methodist Church
Reception: Courtyard on St. James

Libby Delano, Mother of the Bride    Home: 713-977-3308
Rachel Delano married Jeff Wolfe
Ceremony: Second Baptist Church
Reception: Lakeside Country Club

Karen Perez, Mother of the bride
Caroline Perez married Adam Vyvial
Ceremony: St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Katy, Texas
Reception: Briscoe Manor in Richmond, Texas

Denise Wilhite, Mother of the Bride    cell: 713-412-3554
Kim Wilhite married Ryan Orr
Ceremony: Second Baptist Church
Reception: Houstonian Hotel

Chris LaFollette, Mother of the bride    Home: 713-661-6169
Lauren LaFollette married Aaron Morris
Ceremony: St. Luke's    Reception: River Oaks Country Club

Denise Cartwright, Mother of the bride    Home: 713-464-2020    Cell: 832-428-4696
Mary Liz Howard married Edward Eastland
Ceremony: St. Johnís    Reception: River Oaks Country Club

Susan Keefe    Home: 713-528-1038
Christine Mitchell married Jack Waddill
Ceremony and Reception: River Oaks Country Club

Carolyn Forney    Home: 713-784-2813
Caroline Forney married Bill Helander
Ceremony: St. Anneís    Reception: Houston Country Club

Julie Schaffer    Home: 713-667-2180
Whitney Schaffer married Andrew Dubinsky
Ceremony & Reception: Intercontinental Hotel

Stephanie Smith, Mother of the Bride
Ashley (Morgan) Hanna    Work: 713-226-6704
Ashley Morgan married Michael Hanna
Ceremony and Seated Dinner at Barton Creek Resort in Austin, Texas

Julie Luna    Home: 713-729-3470
Lisette Luna married Mike Schnieders
Ceremony: St. Anneís    Reception: Doubletree Hotel ~ Allen Center

Patti Christensen    Home: 281-565-1681
Marie Christensen married Michael Sims
Ceremony: Holy Rosary    Reception: Rice Hotel ~ Crystal Ballroom

Patty Pagel    E-mail:
Catie Pagel married Brian Ross
Ceremony: Christ Church Cathedral    Reception: River Oaks Country Club

Jane Humphreys    Home: 713-785-4981
Laura Humphreys married Ryan Call
Ceremony: Chapelwood UMC    Reception: The Junior League of Houston

Carolyn Young    Home: 713-621-8120
Kathleen Young married Jeff Zinn
Ceremony & Reception: River Oaks home
*Due to Hurricane Rita, a second wedding dinner was hosted at
River Oaks Country Club in December 2005

Cindy Izaguirre    Home: 281-313-1326
Nina Izaguirre married Andrew Bolin
Ceremony: Holy Rosary    Reception: Crystal Ballroom at the Rice Hotel

Christy Garrett    Cell: 713-498-6096
Christy Garrett married Webb Jennings III
Ceremony: St. Martin's ~ Cathedral    Reception: Houston Country Club

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